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    March 24, 2013
    2:00 - 2:30pm PDT  

>> anger in cyprus as the financial state is decided by the european capital. a delayed meeting of euro zone finance ministers is due to begin around now. we are live in brussels. live from london also coming up. chaos in the central african republic. rebels take over the capital. militarys former route ruler.
with policecuffle in paris over gay marriage. the president of cyprus has just hours left to avert a financial catastrophe for his country. nicos anastasiades is holding emergency talks with european financial and banking leaders in brussels. if they fail to reach a deal by monday, cyprus's emergency funding will be cut. the president and his team have already held a meetings with members of the petrarca, the international monetary -- petroika, the international monetary agency. harry smith is live for us in brussels. plus what is happening right now. >> i was hoping to be able to
tell you that the meeting of the 17 finance ministers had started. that is the 17 finance ministers whose countries share the common currency, the euro. the reason for my uncertainty is as you mentioned, this meeting was due to start two hours ago. it has been delayed. we expected to start right now, but i'm not absolutely sure. if i do hear it has started, i will let you know. we are not terribly sure why it has been delayed. we know that the earlier meeting with the troika, the imf, ecb and european commission -- those meetings went on much longer than expected. we don't quite know why. it appears that they wanted clarification from the greece delegation that they could deliver on what they say they can deliver on. crucial meeting is the finance ministers worried it's going to be a difficult job for the cypriots to win them over.
there's not a lot of sympathy among a lot of the countries but they sure the euro with for the position that cyprus finds itself in. the french foreign minister earlier described cyprus as a casino economy on the verge of bankruptcy. at the meeting earlier, he was being slightly more diplomatic. >> we are here to find a solution this evening. it must the global, it must be fair. it is important that we are in a position to help cyprus handle is financial systems, which involves serious restructuring and controls. the eurozone is doing its bit with its $10 billion -- 10 billion euro loan. it must not only be global, but fair. lows not fair to hit the income savings. >> all the talking going on in
brussels among all the politicians, the banking, financial leaders, people in cyprus are extremely concerned to know exactly what is going to happen to the future of their country. >> they must be watching all of this very nervously indeed. there were earlier some optimistic noises coming out of cyprus. they were saying they were making significant progress. i have not heard the word significant used here, though i have heard a college meant that progress has been made. -- an acknowledgment that progress has been made. against cyprus, it's time to pray. for many in this deeply orthodox country, everything is at stake. the church has offered its own land as collateral for fresh loans. but that has done little to ease negotiations with international lenders. >> there is not a single
cypriot who is not concerned at this moment. there's not a single greek or european who is not concerned. our world is changing. >> on a sunny sunday, families and friends filled caf├ęs. you would not know there is a crisis here, not unless you listened in on any one of the conversations taking place. >> the countries going to collapse. period. that's it. everyone's blaming each other. the point is, it's going to collapse. >> away in brussels, the fate of a nation is being decided. if agreement can't be reached on the measures, cyprus must take to contribute to its own bailout, the european central bank has said it will cut off lifeline funding for the banks. it is a threat many find unacceptable in such complicated and unprecedented times. are minister said he had a pistol held to his head. that pistol was held by mario
draghi. that pistol has to be withdrawn. it still on our heads. it will remain on our heads until tuesday, when he fires the shot. >> for a country that feels the odds are stacked against it, there are only two options now. both options are bad. both will change lives and futures. as one eu official put it, there are no optimal solutions anymore, only hard choices. all feels like it is being left until the last minute. we have this deadline, haven't we? >> there is a deadline.
there has to be an end in sight. the question you're asking me is, there are upwards of 400 journalists here tonight asking any official that we can call or in the corridor. -- collar in the core door. this is the way the european commission works. meetings go on into the night. when we asked one official how long, they said it will be a long time. they have kept the canteen open indefinitely. i asked that same official, how long is a long meeting? he said, we had when only the other week that went on until six in the morning. we are out here. 6:00 in the morning would not be a surprise, but the deadlines are approaching. they have to reach a decision by tomorrow morning so they can take that back to cyprus, and then try to get it all approved by the parliaments in nicosia. >> sounds like it could be a
long night. france is sending more troops to the central african republic to protect its citizens after rebels seized the capital. the fighters say they want to eventually hold democratic elections and urged civilians to remain calm. but there are reports of looting and gunfights. 's home has been seen being rated. -- raided. >> is is what rebel fighters left behind in their advance on the capital. the man under attack here is suspected of being a rebel supporter. ,7 kilometers outside the city the damaged buildings and the dead. south african forces have tried but failed to stop the rebel advance. it is the sort of richer vision government supporters meted out to their attackers could be
overtaken by looting. >> they are killing us, raping us, looting. they are not allowing us to live. they have taken the state hostage. ,> seen here in better times has become an unpopular president. he has now suffered the same fate. only 10 weeks after the signing of a new power-sharing peace deal. with the celebrations, there was hope of some desperately needed stability. what was to follow was more death, more chaos and suffering for one of the poorest countries in the world. seneca rebels say they brought the president down because of his failure to deliver on promises. >> there well you -- they are very well organized. when the peace talks failed and they asked specifically for
people in jail to be released and also for foreign troops, and ugandan troops to leave their country, one that did not materialize, the rest was history. the president has fled. >> this is a country rich with minerals, gold, but known for his poverty and history of coups and failed peace deals. people are wondering what might change. they have an overwhelming fear that things could get worse. andrew symonds, al jazeera. >> eric messi is a spokesman for the seneca rebel group, speaking from paris. he told us they're working to secure the capital. after they announced the therture of the president
withation and some people weapons tried to make some action to the capital. >> seven people have been killed as rebel fighters spent a second day fighting mali's military in the city of gao. the military carried out what they called a cleanup operation after rebels infiltrated gao. rebels were chased out of gao in january. pakistan's former military ruler has returned home, going to risk his life to quote, save the country. after spending four years in self-imposed exile, he plans to contest elections. touchdown, but to what kind of welcome?
if you is expecting a hero's return, perhaps the former president musharraf was disappointed. i pakistani standards, this is a small crowd. >> i have put my life in danger by coming back to pakistan. i was thinking the government would help me and say, save pakistan, but that is not happening. today my nation ordered me to come back. i came back, putting my life in danger. before he even arrived, the taliban threatened to kill them, a claim he dismissed. he met with his inner circle in the vip lounge of the karachi airport. a scheduled news conference was canceled. he was also due to address a mass rally. that was canceled as well. even his supporters were disappointed at the turnout. >> people were afraid to become
because of the security situation, bomb threats. but they should have come. musharraf struck deals before coming back. if he wants to be a player, he has to turn this rather lackluster return into political momentum. the challenge is now on for the former president to build a political movement. to do that, he said he's going to try to win over the support of the undecided, those people frustrated with corruption and the ruling political familyies. given the lack of popular political support that he has >> top stories.
the president of cyprus has just hours left to avert a financial catastrophe and his country. he vows to reach a deal with european lenders by monday. , cyprus's emergency funding will be cut. seven people have been killed as rebel fighters spent a second day pedaling mali's army and french soldiers in the northern city of gao. signs of more division in syria's main opposition group. made anaz al-khatib announcement of resignation. arab foreign ministers are
discussing the problems their leaders are trying to solve when they meet on tuesday for the arab summit. top of the agenda is the war in syria and how to support the syrian opposition. >> we need the arabs to take a firm provision in support of the syrian people, fighting for freedom, dignity and social justice. we praised the efforts of ahmed moaz al-khatib, and we welcome the election of the interim prime minister. >> members of several delegations at the meeting said the foreign ministers agreed to grant the opposition representation in the arab league. that move is expected to be approved by top leaders. the decision was overshadowed by the surprise resignation of
three opposition leader ahmed moaz al-khatib. >> ahmed moaz al-khatib posted on his facebook page the reasons why he resigned. he said the syrian people have been slaughtered for the last two years and the world is just watching. he adds that some pockets or try to control the syrian people and its revolution. spoke of theo failure of the international community to help syrians protect themselves. and on the ground in syria, the battle rages on. activists say the town was under heavy bombardment by government warplanes. rockets have also been fired at the center of damascus. elsewhere, civilians continue to die and flee their homes. wants. secretary of state
iraq to been a run from flying fromgh its -- to ban iran flying through its airspace. irani and flights to were hoping to supply the searing government -- iranian flights were helping to supply the syrian government. more details from baghdad. >> secretary of state kerry has held talks with leading sunni politicians during this visit to baghdad. it was an unannounced visit, but not a surprise. it seemed to illustrate some u.s. concern about the way things are going here in iraq. almost 10 years to the day that the u.s. invaded iraq to topple saddam hussein's regime. kerry did not speak to the iraqi press, but he is known to have discussed the issue of iranian flights to syria with the prime minister. united states is concerned that
iran is sending weapons and other materials to syria. iraq has pledged to check the flights going to that country. rising sectarian tension is a cause for concern for the u.s.. here sincests december are threatening to destabilize what is already a fragile coalition government. on the kurdish front, there is tension between the north and baghdad. it is also said to be a topic of discussion between the american official in prime minister. he is trying to get leaders to sit down together to solve those differences that seem to be getting worse. >> it's been announced that the afghan president karzai will travel to discuss peace negotiations with the taliban. the talks will cover the taliban's plan to open a political office in doha are. --sident karzai occurred
accused the u.s. of holding peace talks without him. >> anti-gay marriage protesters in paris, tens of thousands of people turned up. it is the latest in a wave of protests against the legislation. .rowds tried to push their way the house apartment approved the marriage for everyone to last month. it goes to the senate in april. demonstrators want the bill to be withdrawn. in russia, the legislation is going in the opposite erection. isroposed ban on what described as homosexual propaganda. it would make it against the law to promote homosexuality to minors. some believe it is part of a government campaign against gay people. >> marina never used to be comfortable showing affection to
her girlfriend in public, but after she was attacked by becamebes, she determined not to hide her homosexuality anymore. >> when they hit me, i hit back. it lasted two or three minutes. then the ambulances came and sent me to the hospital. the next day we reported it to the hospital -- police. after three months, the case has not progressed. >> the attack on marina and other lesbians in moscow was not unique. it has the gay community worried that a proposed national ban on homosexual propaganda is creating an atmosphere of homophobia. gay rallies and marches are shut down before they can begin. last year moscow banned a pride parades for 100 years. -- gay pride parades for 100
years. >> the ban is not a violation of a civilians constitutional rights. it can give young people the impression of social equality between traditional and nontraditional sexual relations. >> there is no legal definition of what constitutes propaganda from sexuality. the law could be interpreted loosely. >> this is a re-criminalization of homosexuality in russia. a light version of criminalization. , butcan't put us in prison they can furnish us -- punish
us by fine or arrest for being openly gay. >> the bill needs to be voted on two more times before president vladimir putin can sign it into law. it is unlikely to file. -- fail. it is backed by the russian orthodox church. al jazeera, moscow. >> produced police say they found no chemical or radioactive contamination at the home of the dead russian dissident. the kremlin critic's body was found at his home on sunday. there has been reports that the former tycoon became enemies with leading food and after helping him to -- vladimir putin after helping him rise to power. >> the call that i received at 8:00 in the evening yesterday -- and i trust the source, because he is a high profile
person in the uk -- he told me that berezovsky died, and it was suicide. another source called and said it was a heart attack. the way that berezovsky died is secondary. another late blast of winter has stopped more snow on the uk -- dropped more snow on the uk. areeratures across britain expected to linger around freezing for the next two days. let's go to mexico now, the latest of our water pressure series. two decades of drought in the northern state of sonora has left farmers struggling to keep their crops alive. the government is to divvy out what the water they have left to urban areas. the farmers are fighting back. >> these lands were once so
fertile that they said families -- they fed families for decades. farmers like this one used to grow wheat, tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables here. after nearly 20 years of drought, he is barely able to grow anything. with no rain and little help from the government, fernando and the other farmers were forced to start irrigating their lands with the only water source available, raw sewage. >> if we plant crops with this water, we will get sick. we can only use it to grow animal feed. >> for the yankees, the drought has been devastating. the drug has been devastating. -- drought has been devastating. the state government is building an aqueduct that will divert nearly 75 million cubic meters
of water from the yankee river -- yaki river to the capital. the government says the project is crucial. >> you can imagine in summer, sitting with this growth potential, and temperatures ranging between 47 and 50 degrees celsius in july and august. this is a social crisis. >> y leaders like mario luna question the government's decision to prioritize urban areas over farming communities. >> we also use it for our religious ceremonies. these traditions and our communities are now in danger of dying. the river is what holds us together. >> especially since training the yankee river could threaten the sacred rituals his people have practiced for centuries. even though construction of the aqueduct is well underway,
fernando at almost every member community are challenging it in the courts. are going to fight this project with our last breath. this land is ours. the government believes we will just give up, but we will not stop fighting. al jazeera, sonora, mexico. >> catholics around the world are facing -- celebrating palm sunday. a special mass in rome. the pope warned against greed and corruption. thousands of catholics filled the square for the service, carrying palm leaves and all of bridges, symbols of peace -- all of branches, symbols of these. -- olive branches, symbols of
peace. areow many wounds inflicted upon humanity by evil, wars, violence, economic conflicts that hit the weakest, greed for money? and though no one can take it with them. they have to leave behind. my grandmother used to say, a shroud has no pockets. >> you can always watch al jazeera online. the usual address applies, al